Panoramic Wheel

Our Panoramic Viewing Wheel is a state-of-the- art attraction, large enough to be a showpiece for any city centre, town or major event, but fully transportable with a footprint small enough to accommodate in busy city centres and events.  At 38 metre’s in height the wheel provides unparalleled views of any event or venue and the surrounding area and provides a unique focal point and meeting place.   The wheel also acts as a landmark, especially at night when it is spectacularly illuminated.


The Panoramic Wheel Technical Specification:

Ground measurement: 55ft x 55ft

Height: 38 metres high

Capacity: 144 persons via 24 Gondolas

The Panoramic Wheel rotates at a slow, comfortable speed to offer a smooth slow ride.  A ride commonly takes 8-12 minutes taking you two to three times over the top including stoppage time for boarding.  During this time passengers can enjoy picturesque views of a 360 degree skyline.  This 38 metre wheel can accommodate 144 passengers at a time via 24 gondolas with seats and transparent barriers to grant unrestricted views.

This attraction is designed for anyone and everyone: safe enough for toddlers, high enough for teenagers, and relaxing enough for the newly retired.  The PanoramicWheel welcomes everyone!