Fairground Rides

In association with our trading partners in Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and across the Water we can bring you any specialised piece of fairground equipment for corporate events, Festivals or TV & Film work.

Giant Wheel

The giant Ferris wheel is a marvellous attraction and the most spectacular ride of any fairground. Jump on, go to the top and get amazed by breath taking views from a height of just over 100 feet. The comfortable gondolas are well secured in order to allow you to fully and safely enjoy the experience at a leisurely pace. The Big Wheel is a stunning backdrop for any festival bringing a sentiment of class and excitement to any town.

Dimensions: 60ft x 40ft

ferris wheel ferris wheel 2

Sea Storm

This huge family attractions is like a big wooden ship of old swaying in a rough sea!   It’s a huge adrenalin rush but not too scary. Great fun for all the family.  Great themed family ride for maritime events.  Fitted with a state of the art LED lighting system.

Dimensions: 55ft x 24ft

sea stormship